TikTok Shop Marketing Services | Creative Production & Advertising

TikTok provides an incredible opportunity for brands to drive revenue from a diverse and engaged audience. TikTok attracts buyers of all ages, interest and income brackets making it one the most appealing channels to expand onto in recent years.

TikTok has created products and services to make the buying experience as smooth as possible. These products are included in what TikTok likes to coin “Shoppertainment”. TikTokkers come to be entertained and informed, and TikTok provides solutions for brands to bridge the gap between shopping and entertainment. As a TikTok Shop partner, PATTRNS have unrivalled access to solutions, support and insights to keep brands ahead of the competition.

How we use Tik Tok

  • Data Driven content creation
    • Fit for purpose creative is essential for TikTok, repurposing TV, YouTube or native creative for social is inefficient and ineffective. As a TikTok partner we can tap in to 800,000 TikTok creators to produce social first content to promote your products.
    • Using AI solutions our team analyse the competition and industry leaders: narrative, unique selling points, calls to action, edits, settings and filters to produce data driven briefs to our content creators.
  • TikTok Ads build and optimisation
    • As early adopters of TikTok ads our team can draw on experience from a variety of brand objectives: ticket sales, footfall to stores, TikTok live registrations, branding and sales.
    • Building on our cross channel expertise, the team can advise brands when to use TikTok and for what objectives or audiences.
  • TikTok Shop Management
    • Shop and Tik Tok account health have a significant impact on revenue and performance. As a TikTok Shop partner our team support on: policy notices, stock management, Fulfilled By TikTok charge queries and TikTok Account Health Standing scores.
    • Initial setup and 3PL integrations are all available with our team of specialists.
  • TikTok Affiliate Programme
    • Aligning your brands financial objectives with a bespoke affiliate programme of TikTok creators will allow you to maximise returns from TikTok. Our team are able to deploy a variety of TikTok affiliate packages including: Shop Plans (flat rate of commission for all eligible TIkTok creators), Open Plan (select a limited range of products for creators to promote) and Targeted Plans (select the creators, rates and products to be sold).

Global Reach

TIkTok provides a unique opportunity for new and agile brands to reach the top of the feed at a fraction of the cost required on other social platforms. Engaging and insightful content bubbles to the top of the algorithm to promote your products to millions of users.

Community & Audience Engagement

Your community and customers are on TikTok with or without you. Users use TikTok to be entertained and informed, amplify your brand and build deeper engagement with your community's carefully planned content. Data driven narratives, edits, transitions and CTA’s should all be considered during production. Long before the content plan is briefed in, our team will analyse the sentiment and user generated content of your fans to find out the type of content they want.

Increased revenue

TikToks shoppertainment space streamlines the path to purchase. Whether it’s with TikTok Live click to buy options within a broadcast or TikTok Shop affiliates linking to a brand shopfront, there are opportunities to drive sales. The question is, which one do you start with?

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