Paid Social Services: Meta Ads, TikTok Ads & Pinterest Ads

Social is a performance channel, end of. PATTRNS focus on converting likes into leads and shares into sales. Our team meticulously plan, deliver and optimise social with the same results driven approach as any other Performance Marketing campaign. 

Following a deep discovery session our social team will investigate channel, and market opportunities to develop a winning social strategy. Whether this includes a TikTok content creator affiliate programme or a brand amplification and boosting campaign, we’ve got you covered. As a TikTok Shop Partner and Meta Business Partner we have the support and experience to elevate your social.

How we use Social

  • Data Driven content creation
    • TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat are great platforms to amplify your brand but can also be used to identify what your brand is.
    • The same processes we use to analyse, test and iterate on paid ads is used with our social content. Using AI solutions review you and your competitors: narrative, unique selling points, calls to action, edits, settings and filters to produce data driven briefs for content creators.
  • Social as a testing platform
    • Social media provides an opportunity for brands to thoroughly test, iterate and amplify their creative position. Our team aligns with paid media teams to provide recommendations for content and copy to resonate with your audience.
    • We identify what content is required, for which audience and what channel. Do the community want news updates on Meta but entertainment on Instagram? We’ll dive into the data and let you know.
  • Social Media Management
    • We curate brands social accounts from content to community management. When social is used to amplify a brand message, consistency is key. Aligning styling, following Tone of Voice guides for content creation and community management to branded frames for channel stories. 

Social Strategy Development

We’ll review your current brand position and how the community engages with you across channels. To complement the data capture from your own channels we’ll review competitor activity to identify the feelings and engagements driven on their social.

With the data capture and discovery complete, our social team is able to combine insights into a concise social strategy. From here we confirm the content pillars, key influencers, content plans and processes.

Community & Audience Engagement

Your community and customers are active across various social channels, whether you're there or not. PATTRNS will develop a true community on social, and not just engage with your community. The objective is to foster deeper connections and alignment with the brand.

Drive revenue

Measurement and tracking are essential for all performance channels. With targets and objectives confirmed we’ll implement a test, iterate and amplify strategy across social. Identifying content that resonates with your audience. Then producing further iterations of the high converting content. Once the best performing variant is identified, we will boost this with paid campaigns to amplify to a wider audience.

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